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Sriyamtech QA Solutions is a preferred partner of choice for organizations looking to transform, grow and lead in today's dynamic business environments.

Functional Testing

Sriyam Technologies provides business value to its customers with innovative Testing solutions to achieve better product quality and UI experience leveraging its vast experience.

Mobile App Testing

Sriyam Technologies has a special set up with different set of Mobile devices (Mobile Test Lab) on which the testing is performed.

Test Automation

The constant changes in applications and environments that enterprises usually operate in, leads to increased effort & cost on regression testing.

Compatibility Testing

Our test lab has a set -up for performing this usually ignored testing which can go a long way. Our test lab has a set-up of hardware with different configurations.

Sriyam Technologies experience across industries of

into a differentiated value proposition and faster time to market for clients.

Online Retail.

ISV(SaaS), Insurance


What Services We Offer

Sriyam Technologies adds a new US client. Sriyamtech will provide end to end testing for this web-based Debt Software provider.

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