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The constant changes in applications and environments that enterprises usually operate in, leads to increased effort & cost on regression testing. Test automation helps reduce manual testing and accelerates regression testing. This also eliminates the scope of human error.

We enable you to:
Define QA Roadmap, Automation Strategy & Best Practices
Building and Maintaining regression test suites
Automation Frameworks and tools that best fits your application
Continuous Integration into overall development lifecycle.

Sriyam Technologies Solution:

Sriyamtech's test automation framework is a solution for validating complex business processes which uses keyword driven approach to help non-technical users validate business processes. Our home grown frameworks, helps reduce the effort by 25% and seamlessly integrates with other systems. As it contains a large repository of keywords, it promotes reuse of functional libraries.

Our expertise include: Quick Test Professional
SmartBear PHP Unit
Testing Anywhere

Sriyam Technologies has worked with many start-ups to enterprises which have released their application versions for mobile. We can have a dedicated team of developers and testers for all feature additions.

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